Law on distance sales

Wet Koop op Afstand
Law on Distance Sales
In our webshop is shown for each product whether it is a standard product or not.
When ( re) sale of distance , there is no physical contact between the buyer and the seller and the product . For you as a consumer to provide additional protection is determined by law that you have a cooling-off period ( trial period ) for fourteen days to products you purchase through the Internet, e - mail , mail order , telephone , or fax orders . Those fourteen days go after receipt of the product .

Exception to this are: food , time-bound products ( magazines , reserved tickets for a concert ) and medicines, products manufactured specially on your demand (such as tile panels , roof panels , wall panels , profiled sheets and special typesetting )

Standard products such as screws (complete boxes), end caps, ridges, gable pieces, valley gutters and wind springs can be returned.
Returns received ( long) after the period of 14 days will not be reimbursed. The same applies to articles which the seal is broken , for items that are not in pristine (read : sellable ) condition and articles that show traces of any ( improper ) use ( eg scratches ) Opened boxes of screws are NOT returnable . Think also about of the state of packaging and carton .
It is when returning items always advisable to contact us, for example when an item to your idea is not functioning properly or is defective. Contact us first: We may be able to provide additional explanations or tips to function which returns can be prevented. Cost of unstamped or insufficient postage will be deducted from the purchase price to be paid back .