Who are we?

Nautracom: wie zijn wij?
Nautracom BV Originally founded in 1981 by Jan Nauta. Initially there were only roofing and cladding panels made ​​of aluminum. Since 1983, there are steel roofing sheets have been added, some time later aluminum roofing sheets. Roof-tiles, a product from Scandinavia that we are the first company to have introduced on the Dutch market years ago. Our first delivery of tile panels in the Netherlands was more than 30 years ago. As a result, we have a long experience with tile panels, longer than our "competing colleagues." Experience that you can benefit from as a customer. In 1993, Peter Nauta joinedthe company and has continued the business after the death of Jan in 1997.


Both Nautracom BV and our suppliers have high quality as priority . This is more important to us than just offer a low price on the market with a lesser quality . This striving for better quality products is reflected in the choice of the base material , the coating and minimum thicknesses to provide that you still have a good product after many years.
Factories where we work with are all in possession of an ISO 9001-2008 certification.
This quality awareness is also reflected in the guarantees. No thick books with all lowercase letters , creating a de facto guarantee is no longer valid after the delivery , but a simple A - 4 sized for a good product enough , in the unlikely event something went wrong .