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Welcome to the web shop of Nautracom. Originally founded in October 1981 by Nauta Sr. and already been active for 34 years as an importer of high quality aluminium & steel roofing and cladding.
Roof-tiles, a product that we have launched as the first company in the Netherlands in 1983. Rightly we can say that we have a much longer experience with tile profiled sheets than our "competing colleagues". Years of experience that will benefit you as a customer!Again as first supplier in the Netherlands, we have tile sheets of aluminum included in our standard product range since 1997, also for smaller orders / projects. It lets you choose a roof that even after more than 100 years is still waterproof. Tile sheets are ideal for renovation, but even more suitable for new construction. Aluminum is superior to steel, light in weight, many times longer life, easy to process. Of course you can also purchase high quality steel tile sheets here.

In our webshop we quote prices at the products always including and excluding VAT.

Discount : Action period from Monday, July, 13 2020  till Friday, August 28, 2020 16:00 Discounted prices are in red font on the site.

ALUMINIUM: 10% discount.

The discount also applies to accessories such as screws, springs wind and ridge pieces of the same metal.